1. One more ordinary photoset

    That’s just brilliant!

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  2. An exciting story with aliens and fairies

    Benedict Cumberbatch hates liquids


    Guest post by @Scriblit, who knows that Benedict Cumberbatch has high standards when it comes to fluids.

    Benedict Cumberbatch is disgusted by this coffee


    Benedict Cumberbatch is angered by this brandy


    Benedict Cumberbatch is infuriated by this tea


    Benedict Cumberbatch resents this water


    Benedict Cumberbatch momentarily thought this Darjeeling was OK - then realised that, no, he hates that too


    Benedict Cumberbatch is frustrated by his own salty tears




    The best post ever!

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  3. One more ordinary photoset



    Photos of Benedict Cumberbatch - HD - part 86



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  4. Awww! My eyes!



The Holmes Boys

Oh Benedict. Oh Mark. 



    The Holmes Boys

    Oh Benedict. Oh Mark. 

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  5. Awww! My eyes!


My heart <3. 


    My heart <3. 

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  6. Awww! My eyes!

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  7. Don't blink!

    What are you wearing, Benedict?: Continuing our celebration of having 6000 FOLLOWERS HECK YES, I’ve...


    Continuing our celebration of having 6000 FOLLOWERS HECK YES, I’ve compiled some of the best quotes about our favorite ‘Batch: Benedict Cumberbatch :-)


    “He’s sweet and generous in an almost childlike way. He’s very easy to screw over. I could take advantage of him playing cards. Actually, I…

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  8. One more ordinary photoset



    yes you are.

    Bless him.

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  9. One more ordinary photoset


    Zoe Saldana’s imitation of Benedict Cumberbatch [x]

    I could do with a Benedict special of “Hello love” every morning too, Dayum.

    I love this woman, I know this now.

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  10. One more ordinary photoset


    This. Is. Amazing.

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  11. Awww! My eyes!

    Yep. I&#8217;m done for today. (In contrast to my dissertation)

    Yep. I’m done for today. (In contrast to my dissertation)

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  12. La-la-la La-la-la



    Hard to believe this is the same person…

    Reason No. 79628564752677614 why we love him.

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  13. One more ordinary photoset

    I love men with good puns as much as a whore loves men with well-filled wallets. Some foolishness about Mr. Rhodes.

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  14. One more ordinary photoset


    This is my first tutorial for my drawing: SH painted with tea.

    I tried to make it simple, clear and in english!

    This part is about the painting, the next one will be the shading with pencils.

    Wow. I wonder, what kind of paper you used.

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  15. One more ordinary photoset


    Ok - We @Rhodettes on twitter decided we’d like to send the lovely James Rhodes a token of our affection for Christmas this year. It has grown to be a much bigger project than we anticipated! As he now has Part 1 of our “gifts of love” - we can let you know what was in Part 1.

    Read next 

    This is AMAZING! *___* James should be really happy! I’m SO proud of you, girls, you are the best fandom in the world!

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    Russian is a "a language of birds". I like birds, I love my language. I also adore Benedict Cumberbatch, James Rhodes, Doctor Who, DC Comics, poetry of high quality, socionics, classical literature, nice jokes, clever songs, casuistry and some sort of British... stuff.
    I can make grammar mistakes, because English is not my native language, and I'm trying to improve it by myself. Hope for understanding in all ways.

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